Devastation in Samoa

This week has been crazy to say the least.... James sat down to check his facebook page on Tuesday and was shocked at a status that he saw- there had been a major earthquake in his homeland- the island of American Samoa. Not long after, there was a tsunami warning for the whole area. James immediately called his dad to check on the family there (He still has many family members there). When his father picked up, he sounded frantic (which is unusual for him). He quickly told him to call his cell phone and that they were getting to higher ground. Not long after, James called to check on them and they were stuck in traffic on the one main road that exists there (VERY unusual for a small island like this to have any traffic at all) and there was water coming on the street! I can only imagine what they were thinking at that moment. They eventually did make it to the mountain top and thank God they were safe. However, the other side of the island was not as fortunate. It turns out that after this 8.0 earthquake hit, a tsunami rushed over the far east and west sides of American Samoa within MINUTES! There was no time for the people there to evacuate. Water rushed in destroying everything in it's path up to a mile inland. This is especially sad to our family because one of the villages that was completely leveled by this was where their mother grew up- Leone.

The pictures here speak a thousand words. Over 100 lives were lost - young and old. hundreds are still missing. I watched a man bury his 3 year old daughter last night online. DEVASTATING...That is Haylee's age. I cannot imagine losing everything in a matter of moments but that is the reality these people are facing.

 It is such a helpless feeling to be so far away from those you love during a time like this. American Samoa is a very small island that has little to begin with. They live a very simple life and don't need much-EVERYONE is family and greets you with a smile. I went there 2 years ago and saw with my own eyes some of the sweetest faces I've ever met.

The Katinas are hosting a benefit concert on Wednesday, 10/7 @ 7pm at Fellowship Bible Church and we would LOVE for you to come out! There will be tons of music from artists such as Michael W. Smith, Natalie grant, Melinda Doolittle, Jeremy Camp, Calvin Nowell and....yours truly! COLMANblue will be there too! We would love to see you there.If you cannot make it or live too far away, you can still help! To donate to the Samoan Tsunami Relief Fund you can go to to find out more information. Every little bit counts and will go to aid in the relief efforts. Thanks so much!

What I have taken from this personally is a HUGE reminder to treat every day as a gift and not let the trivial things in life get the best of me. There will always be little problems here and there and sometimes bigger ones. However, God is in control and always will be. He has given us today and we are to live it to the fullest! Embrace life, the fresh air, the sunshine (and the rain for us in the southeast this past month- lol). Go on dates with your spouse. Hug your kids and spend time with them. Make a DIFFERENCE in your community one step at a time.
Love you all!! Have a great day today...


James and Chrissy Katina October 2, 2009 at 9:25 PM  


Heidi October 3, 2009 at 12:35 PM  

Thanks for your perspective on this tragedy and for your reminder of setting aside the trivial things in life. God Bless you and James.

Jackie aka Tilomai November 1, 2009 at 3:23 AM  

this was a nice blog. im here in tafuna, am. samoa rite now, and i was here for the tsunami. i came here for a vacation and to visit ma family who i havent seen since i was little. never in a million yrs did i think this would ever happen here in our beautiful island while im here. God Bless those who have lost loved ones and those who r still missing. also Bless those whom survived this tsunami. thanx for posting this up Chrissy. I met The Katinas in like 2000 or 01 when they open for a new church that was built in TX. and i have their concert recorded. and i remember my mom & dad talk to them sayin we r related somehow. but their concert was awesome! i loved it. Take Kare & God Bless you & all the KATINA AIGA!! love meeh

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