Snowed in!

So glad we decided to come to NJ a few days early. We got to experience the Blizzard of 2009 from start to finish! I was so excited for my girls to get to see snow like this. I wasn't really sure they would ever get to witness a blizzard, living in Nashville but the timing worked out perfectly! We spent all day Saturday watching the snow fall, making cookies, building a snowman (who was completely buried by the evening) and drinking coffee and hot chocolate. It was a blast! Haylee discovered that her favorite food is snow. All that girl did was eat it! lol We went sledding too of course and yes- James and I were the oldest people there. We didn't care though. We went down those hills like it was nobody's business! Had a few wipe outs and took down a few 4 year olds but overall it was pure fun! Doing things like this makes me miss NJ. I am just glad that we were here to experience it with our girls. There is something completely amazing about watching your children experience things for the first time that you knew, loved and remember yourself doing as a child. The fun is new all over again, yet in a whole different way. This will definitely be  a memory that lasts a lifetime.



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